Since 2022, P1Karting has been offering some of the most adrenaline and fun thrilled experience days with the quickest and most professional equipment in the UK . Our main priority is to share our passion by coaching throughout all levels of experience.

Whether you are an intermediate or P1 expert, P1Karting train
 on the ins-and-outs of the sport to perfect athletic skills throughout. We are proud to offer bespoke 1-1 unique events, to teach not only the love of the game, but to also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and all things racecraft. 





P1Karting offer 'The COMPKART Covert 3.0 ‘R20′ racing kart which will be fitted personally to your body type on the day of your P1 experience. This offers the latest designs and components realised from a successful pedigree of developments and results, which has been further refined for the 2022 season. 


The entirely 30mm steel structure is paired with a powerful self-adjusting ventilated braking system allowing for proper chassis kinematics under braking along with refined geometric changes to enhance corner entry speed along with stability throughout the corner radius.


The chassis balance is complete with a collection of high-grade aluminum hubs standard along with magnesium wheels (DF Type) providing added cornering stability and an increased performance level.


  • Iame X30 125 senior

  • No power valve

  • Very high power level and impressive torque diagram

  • Essential racing design, compact dimensions, light weight

  • Controlled RPM range to increase durability and reliability

  • Water cooling for cylinder, cylinder head and back part of the crankcase. No on-board water pump

  • Direct drive for true racing experience

  • Limited vibrations by integrated balance shaft

  • High performance consistency

  • Power range around 34 bhp



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